Demi Bot v1
Demi Bot v1/image by Orian (8 yeras old).

Demi Bot or D.E.M.I (Digital Experimental Machine Intelligence) is a chatbot, well more than a chatbot. An Artificial Intelligence life system. It was designed to do lots of stuff, including helping you archive your goals. Will talk about it later.

It contains 2 interfaces for communication, voice control, and text parser.  Can communicate with more than one person. It can communicate between DEMI to share and “learn” new stuff. There is also a central brain, online, that can transfer information between DEMI’s and help it with the “learning” process.

DEMI Bot features:

Here are some of the features that DEMI has.

  • Understanding it’s local environment.
  • Behavior and mood simulation.
  • Voice and Text interface.
  • Enrichment by scripts.
  • Multi-user support.
  • DEMI to DEMI communication.
  • All communication is encrypted.
  • And more.

DEMI core is written in the C/C++ programming language. I think my first DEMI idea was in 2005, I write it down into a word document, print it into real paper, and send it to myself using the post office so I will have a real official date stamp if I will ever need it in the future…

The original name of the DEMI bot was Demi AI back in 2005.

Demi can be from demi-god in the D&D/AD&D game.

Currently, we are near the beta stage, and we will soon release a beta DEMI bot for users to check/play with.

Demi Bot Image:

I ask my 8 years old girl to draw me a robot, a female robot. I show her some robot images on the internet, just to give her a direction.

The first draw was great but look like a male robot. So, she sits back in front of her desk and take another empty white paper and redraw the male robot into a female one.

The image that you see on this page is her female robot drawing.